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Step 1.  Meet with the customer and determine their needs and wants. Look at their space and see what exists. Measure the space and take pictures to help develop a base map. 

Step 2.  The landscape designer takes all the information gathered in the initial meeting and starts to create a concept design for the space. Many factors come into play such as soil conditions, sun location, amount of sun received through the day, water issues and drainage, and all other issues that relate to the property and the Louisville Kentucky environment. 

Step 3.  After the concept drawing is done the landscape designer will start to put together the presentation drawing. With some larger projects the designer will meet a second time with the homeowner to present the concept ideas to make sure they are on the right track. The presentation drawing is normally the final drawing that will be presented to the customer. It will include details for construction. Along with the presentation drawing will also come the construction and installation pricing. 

Step 4. Once the design is approved, the customer signs installation contracts approving pricing, then construction is started.

Step 5. The final project is finished and turned over to the customer.

Sometimes this process will flow differently or circle back. Each job is different and requires additional drawings and steps. 


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